What Is Dr. Wakil’s Protocol For The Priapus Shot®?

After the Priapus Shot® procedure, you are asked to use the pump to stimulate and exercise the penis and to stimulate the healing factors to proliferate.  Please use the device for a minimum of 10 minutes at a pressure of 7 – 10 twice daily for a minimum of 6 weeks.  This is especially important if you are desiring an increase in length or girth of the penis.  The more you use the device the better.  You may continue daily or weekly use indefinitely for continued benefit.  If size is not a primary concern and you are having the Priapus® Shot only for other reasons, then the desired result may be achieved with less pump usage (10 minutes daily at a pressure of 7 – 10 for a minimum of 2 weeks).

Why Dr. Sherif Wakil is the only doctor in Europe performing the procedure?

Dr. Sherif Wakil is one of the renowned pioneers in PRP treatments which he has been performing for many years, when he heard about the O & P Shot treatments has traveled to the USA and spent few weeks with the inventor Dr. Charles Runels on extensive training for all Vampire treatments, ( O Shot, P Shot, Vampire Breast lift and vampire face lift) as a result he became the only one who is certified to do the treatments on the Dr. Runels websites as well as being the only trainer for these treatments in Europe.

Can I Have A Consultation And The Priapus Shot® Procedure At The Same Time?

You may have services on the same day as a consultation as long as you make your desire for service known at the time of scheduling.

What Should I Expect During My Appointment?

Dr. Wakil will thoroughly review your medical history.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions should you have any.  Once you have been evaluated and it has been determined that you are a candidate for the Priapus Shot® procedure.  You will be given proper information to consent to the procedure.  A topical numbing cream is applied to the injection area.  Your blood is then drawn and prepared.  Once your PRP is ready, Dr. Wakil will inject the PRP into a few specific areas of the penis.  The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Does The Priapus Shot® Hurt?

Most men are quite comfortable during the procedure.  The discomfort is often described as a mild pinch or sometime a bit of mild pressure.  The numbing feeling from the numbing medicine may last 30-60 minutes after the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Downtime With The Priapus Shot®?

There are typically no side effects or downtime.  Occasionally there is a brief period of mild soreness, typically lasting less than a day.  There may be a few drops of blood from the injection site.  You can return to work, exercise and do any other activity you wish on the same day (this includes sexual activity).

How Much Of An Increase In Size Can I Expect?

Typically, there will be a 10 to 20% increase in length and girth.  Girth comes first (with the injection), then length (with continued growth and regular use of the pump for 6 weeks).  While this is a very new procedure, there is some evidence to suggest that a second injection at 4 to 8 weeks may cause another growth spurt.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

Initially there will be a volume increase from the combination of the platelets and the serum (or water) in the blood plus all the growth factors in the water that the activated platelets are starting to release.

Then over the next three days some of the water is absorbed by the body. Then there is the growth of new tissue that continues for at least 12 weeks.

So, volume goes up IMMEDIATELY, then goes down to various degrees but slowly over the next three days. In some people this decrease in volume is very small, in others it is a more noticeable decrease. Smokers have the least amount of growth.

As for sexual function, some men report immediate results, however realistically, most men should expect about 4 weeks to pass before they notice any significant improvements.  The Priapus shot will work best if a man has his hormones (particularly Testosterone) well balanced.

Do I Have To Come Back To See The Doctor After The Priapus Shot® Procedure?

Dr. Wakil would like to have a very brief phone conversation or office visit (15 minutes) at 8 weeks after your procedure.  He would like to know the benefits that you may have experienced from having the Priapus Shot®.  If necessary, plan for further care will be considered at that time.

Will I Need A 2nd Priapus Shot®?

Some men choose to have a 2nd Priapus Shot® for various reasons (including simple progression of the normal aging process).  You may have a 2nd Priapus Shot® after 8 weeks should you desire.  The majority of men have improved function after one Priapus Shot®, but they will sometimes decide to do another for additional benefit.  While this is a very new procedure, there is some evidence to suggest that a second injection at 4 to 8 weeks may cause another growth spurt and more improvement in sexual function.

How Many Priapus Shot® s May I Have?

There is no limit to the number of Priapus Shots® a man can have safely.  Evaluation by a certified doctor to perform the P Shot is necessary to determine potential risk and benefit.

Is The Priapus Shot® Guaranteed?

This is an elective procedure and there are no guarantees that you will achieve the desired results.  There are no guarantees or refunds.  Dr. Wakil will evaluate your concerns and goals with integrity to make sure you are an appropriate candidate before spending your money and time and he will work to make sure that the procedure has ultimately given you the satisfaction you desire.